Violation Bureau Schedule of Fines

In the Circuit Court of the County of St. Louis, Missouri
Municipal Division - City of Bridgeton
12355 Natural Bridge Road

Court Order

Violations Bureau Schedule of Offenses & Fines

Effective May 1, 2019

Pursuant to 479.050, RSMo, Supreme Court Rule 3749, the undersigned Municipal Judge of the City of Bridgeton hereby orders that the following designated offenses shall be payable to the City of Bridgeton Violations Bureau. In such cases, no court appearance is necessary.

This schedule is divided into three parts. Part I consists of the St. Louis County Municipal Court Uniform Traffic Violation Schedule, for moving violations (points), without a motor vehicle accident. Part II consists of the St. Louis County Municipal Court Uniform Traffic Violation Schedule for non-moving violations. Part III consists of ordinance violations which can be paid out of court as imposed by the City of Bridgeton.

Total Court Costs

In accordance with Missouri statutes and ordinances adopted by the City, total court costs shall be $23.50. This includes:

  • Basic Court Costs of $12
  • Crime Victim's Compensation Surcharge of $7.50
  • Domestic Violence Surcharge of $1
  • Law Enforcement Training Fund of $1
  • Peace Officer's Standard Training Fund of $2

Court costs shall be paid in addition to the fine.

The Court hears all Zoning/Housing and Animal Ordinance violations at 10 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month. The housing inspectors and animal control officers are in court along with the Prosecuting Attorney. The defendant will then have the opportunity to discuss the violation with all parties and seek a resolution. Appearance is mandatory.

1st offense Animal at Large (no bite) violation may be paid according to the Violation Bureau Schedule of Fines without appearing in court.

  1. Moving Violations
  2. Non-Moving Violations
  3. Ordinance Violations

Part I. St. Louis County Municipal Court Uniform Moving Traffic Violation Schedule


  • Up to 14 miles per hour (mph) over limit: $6 per mile (plus $0.50), plus Court Costs
  • For 15 to 20 mph over limit: $7 per mile (plus $0.50), plus Court Costs
  • For 21 to 25 mph over limit: $8 per mile (plus $0.50), plus Court Costs
  • Must come to court if charged with speeding more than 25 mph over limit.
10 multiplied by $6 plus $0.50$60.50$23.50 equals$84
11 multiplied by $6 plus $0.50$66.50$23.50 equals$90
12 multiplied by $6 plus $0.50$72.50$23.50 equals$96
13 multiplied by $6 plus $0.50$78.50$23.50 equals$102
14 multiplied by $6 plus $0.50$84.50$23.50 equals$108
15 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$105.50$23.50 equals$129
16 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$112.50$23.50 equals$136
17 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$119.50$23.50 equals$143
18 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$126.50$23.50 equals$150
19 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$133.50$23.50 equals$157
20 multiplied by $7 plus $0.50$140.50$23.50 equals$164
21 multiplied by $8 plus $0.50$168.50$23.50 equals$192
22 multiplied by $8 plus $0.50$176.50$23.50 equals$200
23 multiplied by $8 plus $0.50$184.50$23.50 equals$208
24 multiplied by $8 plus $0.50$192.50$23.50 equals$216
25 multiplied by $8 plus $0.50$200.50$23.50 equals$224

Other Violations

ViolationFineCourt CostsTotal
Corner Cutting to Avoid Signal$70.50$23.50$94
Driving on Closed Road$70.50$23.50$94
Driving Over Curb$70.50$23.50$94
Driving on Wrong Side of Road$70.50$23.50$94
Driving Wrong Way (One Way Street)$70.50$23.50$94
Expired Operator's License$70.50$23.50$94
Failure to Keep to the Right$70.50$23.50$94
Failure to Obey Electric Signal$70.50$23.50$94
Failure to Obey Stop Sign$70.50$23.50$94
Failure to Signal$70.50$23.50$94
Failure to Yield$70.50$23.50$94
Following Too Closely$70.50$23.50$94
Impeding/Obstructing Traffic Movement$70.50$23.50$94
Improper Backing$70.50$23.50$94
Improper Lane Usage$70.50$23.50$94
Improper Passing$70.50$23.50$94
Improper/Prohibited Turn$70.50$23.50$94
Prohibited U-Turn$70.50$23.50$94
Traffic Turn Signal Violation$70.50$23.50$94
No Proof of Insurance (No accident)$100$23.50 $123.50