Sewer Lateral Repair Program

  1. Qualifications
  2. Application
  3. Reimbursement

Qualifying Property Owners

In order to be eligible for sewer lateral repair under this program:

  • Repairs to the affected sewer lateral line must be performed by a licensed drain layer who is registered with and in good standing with the Public Works Department of St. Louis County, Missouri.
  • The property owner must pay the annual lateral assessment funding fee which will be reflected on the real property tax bill issued yearly by the Collector of Revenue of St. Louis County, Missouri beginning in the year 2000.

Lateral Blockages & Cleaning

  • A property owner who qualifies for reimbursement under the sewer lateral repair fund, and who is experiencing sewer lateral blockage must first have the lateral cleaned at the owner's expense, which is not reimbursable under this program.
  • If cleaning the lateral does not remove the blockage, a camera or other adequate inspection must be made to identify the problem. If inspection of the sewer lateral line reveals a break or collapse in the lateral, the property owner may file a claim with the City for the cost of repair to the lateral under the Sewer Lateral Repair Program.