Commercial Occupancy Permits & Inspections

When You Need a Permit

You will need to obtain a Business Occupancy permit for the following instances:

  • Change of ownership
  • New business
  • Occupying additional space
  • Occupying a new location

Obtaining a Permit

In order to start the process of obtaining a Business Occupancy Permit, you must first submit and application for a Commercial Occupancy Permit and a Zoning Certificate (PDF). Along with the application, a clear copy of the business owner’s photo identification is also required. Applications should be submitted to the Information Desk at City Hall (12355 Natural Bridge Road).


The permit fee is due at time of application.

Permit TypeFee Amount
Commercial Re-Occupancy
Commercial Temporary Occupancy
New Commercial Structure
Occupancy with Building Permit

Application Review

Once the application has been submitted, it will first be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Administrator. If there are any zoning issues with your application you will be contacted. Please note: your Business Occupancy Permit is subject to Zoning approval, Business License, and building inspection approval. 

Permit Approval

Once the Planning and Zoning Administrator has approved your application, your inspector will call to set up a date and time for the inspection. 

After the inspection(s) have been completed, all necessary items have been corrected, and you have applied for your business license, the Public Works Department will issue a Business Occupancy Permit and a Zoning Certificate. 

Important: If you have applied for any building permits or will be making any structural changes to the interior, please inform the Public Works Department prior to applying for a Business Occupancy Permit.

Displaying Your Permit & License

The Business Occupancy Permit and Business License must be displayed in a prominent location inside the premises. 

Other Licenses & Permits

Business Licenses

After the first inspection has been completed, you will need to apply for a Business License. Your occupancy permit will not be released until you have applied for your Business License. Business / Merchant License Applications can be obtained from the City Clerk. 

Liquor Licenses

If your business will require a Liquor License, we suggest you obtain the necessary approval and licensing before applying for the Business Occupancy Permit. 

Sign Permits

A Sign Permit cannot be released until the Business Occupancy Permit has been approved. However, the sign permitting process can be lengthy and you may want to apply for the Sign Permit simultaneously with your Business Occupancy Permit Application.